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This isn’t just the motto for our company; this is the motto we live by, the words that drive our actions on a day to day basis, and the approach we take to our everyday life.

We attack life with a passion, work hard on the things that are important to us, and most importantly we don’t take life too serious.

We don’t work out. We train. We train to build our bodies and condition our minds.

We want you to understand this – there is a major difference between ‘working out’ and ‘training’. Working out is passive. It’s going through the motions. It’s bouncing on a treadmill and it’s floating through life. It’s short term, and it’s an approach that is doomed for failure.

Training, on the other hand, is taking ownership of your mental state and your physical well being. It’s about conditioning your mind as much as it is your body. It’s taking ownership of your attitude, becoming accountable for your habits and choices, and developing perseverance and mental toughness. It’s building a strong, healthy and functional body for life.

It’s 100% commitment and attacking life with passion.


Mark S.

“Coaches are AWESOME!

Their ability to give personal training style instruction in a class environment is amazing.  They work around your abilities so that you get the best workout possible. The workout space is second to none. The gym has a community vibe in a family oriented environment. CrossFit LTP has turned me from a person you couldn’t pay to go to the gym into someone who can’t do without it.”

Kylie L.

“Every experience I have at FAST is a great one. I’ve worked with each coach and every single one of them is the cream of the crop. The workouts aren’t just challenging, they are smart. If I need a modification for a move, or have a question about the biomechanics of it, I can rely on them to give me the info I need. The environment is extremely welcoming and friendly and the facility is always clean. To sum it up, I LOVE FAST!!!”

Amy W.

“2 years ago I started with the 2 week Crossfit foundations program at CrossFit LTP, and I’ve been hooked ever since! With no prior athletic history to speak of I have found a fitness program that works for me. At LTP the coaches are experienced and educated with the ability to train any person at any level. At CrossFit LTP you’ll find a top notch facility with high quality equipment and a family like community… A place to train to be stronger, healthier and more fit everyday.”

Kym B.

“This is THE best place to bring yourself to a whole new level. The coaches are amazing, down to earth, approachable, and kick butt! The workouts will test your abilities and push you harder than you thought possible. Check them out!!”

Darrin L.

“FAST is an incredible place to train at and I’m so glad I found this place about a year ago. My first experience at CrossFit was not a happy one and I was afraid to give it another try. One of the many great things about FAST is the trainers are more concerned about quality over quantity and form is always being evaluated. The combination of having CrossFit and Adult Performance classes in one facility is yet another reason FAST is the best. I’ve trained at many different places over the past 30 yrs and none can compare. While I’ve got into some of the best shape of my life lately the better thing is meeting so many great people and making so many new friends.”

Justin B.

“Having been to multiple CrossFit gyms, I can honestly say that CrossFit LTP is one of the best. Across the board, from the facility, to the community support, and especially the knowledge and skill of the training staff, there is not one place I can think of that does anything better.”





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