You won’t find any gimmicks or trendy training programs here. Just proven methods of getting people into the best shape of their lives. We know how to change peoples lives; it’s what we do every day.


We place a huge emphasis on proper mechanics and consistency before any sort of intensity is added into your training; ensuring you reach your goals in the safest and most effective way.


We’ve worked hard to build a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Our clients come for the results but stick around for the community. Once you experience it, you won’t want to train alone again.

Are you sick and tired of failing to achieve your ideal body, despite giving your best effort and working hard? Don’t worry; we’ve been there too! It’s our goal to help you look, feel and perform better – click the button to the right to contact us so we can explain our programs and help you choose the best plan for your goals.

What Makes FAST Different?

Before I explain what makes our facility and our training different, consider the following:

  • Do you lack consistency in your exercise and eating habits?
  • Have you tried exercising before, only to be let down with the lack of results, despite all of your hard work?
  • Do your joints feel like they’ve been hit by a jackhammer following a workout or a long day at work?
  • Do you know how to change your eating habits based on your goal?
  • Do you feel like there is something holding you back from accomplishing your health and fitness goals, but you can’t quite get past it?

The truth is that you are not alone; the majority of our clients had these exact same issues when they started. In fact, we’ve been down the same path, which usually goes something like this…

You see an old friend who somehow continues to look great year after year, and this lights a fire under your butt to to finally start exercising and leading a healthier lifestyle. You join the first gym you find and stock your kitchen with healthy foods, thinking “I can do this by myself!”. Excitement level: through the roof! Yeah!

You’re training hard and within a few days you‘re feeling pretty beat up, but you’re proud to say that you’ve lost a few pounds. Excitement level: very high!

You convince yourself that if you work twice as hard you will get twice the results; so instead of spending one hour in the gym, you’re now spending two. By the end of week two, you’re completely exhausted and your joints are starting to feel a little beat up. Excitement level – feeling okay… but my knees are killing me… and all this “healthy eating” is starting to wear on me. This is usually when the first little trickle of self-doubt pops into your head. You tell yourself, “Maybe I am just not cut out for this…”, and as such, this is the beginning of the end.

Through shear willpower you are able to make it through one more week and a few more pounds have fallen off, but you are absolutely exhausted and the initial excitement is long gone. Your diet is boring you to tears, your body is tired and you are emotionally exhausted. You didn’t have time to go grocery shopping this week because life gets in the way, and in a moment of weakness you skip the gym and take a detour to Mickey D’s.


You now hate yourself. Your joints are killing you. You have no energy. And you think you’ve just ruined all of your progress. On top of all of this, you might decide that this whole “exercise and healthy living” might not be worth it.

Does this story sound familiar? Of course it does. We’ve been down this path many times and have discovered what is keeping our clients from getting the results they want. Here at FAST, we teach a very simple formula as part of our Foundations Program that helps our clients conceptualize why they’ve failed in the past, and also how to succeed moving forward. Ready to learn this simple equation?

Intelligent Training + Long Term Mindset + Hard Work – Self Limiting Beliefs / Your Ability To Recover = Results

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Everyone hits road blocks on their journey. If any part of this equation is lacking, the whole process can be thrown way off course. And that’s where our expert coaching (do you want your knees when you’re 50?) and accountability (do you want to make exercise a life long habit?) will keep you on track.

If this story resonates with you, please contact us so we can discuss our programs and which one is the best fit for your goals!

It always comes back to results. It’s our #1 goal to help you look, feel and perform better. We know our methods work because we change peoples lives everyday. It’s what we do.

I’m Ready To Learn More

The Bottom Line is Always Results

We help people look, feel and perform better. To accomplish this goal our training programs and coaching emphasize quality of  movement over quantity of movement, mental toughness, developing the right eating and exercise habits, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, accountability and long-term planning in favor of quick fixes/gimmicks. While the training can get overwhelming and intense at times, we will always place emphasis on mechanics and consistency before including any sort of intensity in your training.

So, the bottom line is this. I could write heaps more about why we’re the best gym in town, or how our team has every certification under the sun. Or you can accept this truth that our clients have known about for years  – the FAST training process is a mixture of time-tested methods and unconventional techniques that produce exceptional results time after time, in the smartest, safest and fastest way possible.

No gimmicks here; just proven methods of getting people into the best shape of their lives.