Barbell Club March 30, 2015

For the BBC we are in the middle of our latest strength cycle, so we are going to bring the high intensity back a bit and hit more volume with lighter weights to really hammer in that technique and speed. Barbell Club Deload Week…

1. Find a Heavy 3-Position Clean (Full Squat Clean from 1) High-Hang, 2) Hang, then 3) Floor; all reps are consecutive) in 15 minutes

2. Split Jerk:

EMOM x8 minutes: 3x Split Jerk @ 60% of 1RM

3. Core Accessory:

3×12 Hypers with Weights or Band

3×45 second Plank (add weight if desired)



Crossfit March 30, 2015

With the end of the Crossfit Open and the end of our previous strength cycle, we will be retesting this week to continue to gage our progress. We will be testing various strength numbers and also conditioning benchmarks. So get your mind right, eat well, stay hydrated, sleep enough, and have fun. Push yourself and trust yourself! First up: some heavy lifting and a short sweet conditioning benchmark. Go hard!

1. Back Squat 1RM in 20 minutes.

2. 500m Row Sprint Test