CrossFit: July 1st, 2015

Welcome to July!

We have quite a few events coming up…

  • July 4th Workout 8/9am
  • July 11th Fundraiser for Marty Carrera
  • July 19th FAST Family Hike. Meeting at the gym at 8am that morning

We are also working towards a date for a Macro-Nutrient Timing Seminar with myself and Kevin Ogar! Keep checking the WOD posts to know for sure when the date is made!


Strength: Bench Press w/ Pause

WOD: 10 Minute AMRAP

200m Farmer Carry  (100m Right/100m Left)
10 Single Arm KB Press (5 ea. Arm)
10 Goblet Carry Step-Ups

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CrossFit: June 30, 2015

Technique Tuesday is back!

Rightfully so, one of my goals when initially writing programming for LTP was to really progress the Olympic lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk). Unfortunately, these lifts have to be completely stripped down in order to really build them up. It’s not that I don’t believe we have very strong athletes, it’s that he Olympic lifts are games of timing, position, and athleticism. These things, regardless of level of athlete, always need to be refined. Glenn Pendlay of MuscleDriverUSA is one of the more sought after technical coaches of Olympic Weightlifting in the United States. He has put together MANY video’s to help lifters understand positioning and technique for the Snatch. We’re going to be doing some progressive Snatch work over the next couple of months….You don’t HAVE to watch these vids….

Skill: EMOM Snatch Complex x 12 Minutes

Snatch Pull + Hang Power Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats


WOD: 21-15-9

OH Squat (95/65)

CrossFit: June 29, 2015

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope everybody had an incredible weekend and you are ready to get started this week. Of course, we begin with a Mobility Monday post brought to you by none other than K-Starr himself. This particular video caught my eye simply because I’m a Comic nerd who deals with hip mobility issues. Give it a try next time you are in the box!


Skill Work: Muscle Ups (DO NOT BE WORRIED, SCARED, OR TIMID! Infinitely scalable including skills and drills)

WOD: Death By 15 Yard Sprints

-Starting with your first minute, you will run 1 x 20 yard sprint and rest the remainder of the minute. The 2nd minute, you will run 2 x 20 yard sprints…EMOM you will continue the pattern of adding 1 20 yard sprint until you cannot complete the Rx’d amount of sprints in the allotted minute.

CrossFit: June 26, 2015

Don’t forget about the FAST Family Hike this Sunday, June 28th. We’re meeting at FAST at 8:00am that morning and headed to the trail!

WOD: 4 Rounds for Time

10 Push-Press (115/75)
15 Pull-Ups
400m Run

Tomorrow morning at 8am, our Foundations Group will be going through their last class and graduating into our normally scheduled classes. Everyone is more than welcome to join us at that time because we will be merging the 8am classes into one large group. Looking forward to having a big turn out!

CrossFit: June 25, 2015

Do you have a Yin to your Yang?




Having a facility like Cascade Sports Injury Prevention readily available is a rare luxury in training facilities.

In training, or even life for that matter, we need to have complimentary forces. Our world is full of external stimuli that stretch us more thin and fatigued than we really understand. We work hard, train hard, and are very determined individuals to want to get so much done in just a 24 hour day. Have you ever stopped and thought about how hard you are recovering?

One of the simplest things we can overlook in our pursuits for being more fit or losing weight is the critical role our rest and recovery play into our goals. Think about this….

  • Wake up at 6am, make breakfast and answer a few e-mails.
  • At work by 8pm after picking up coffee and driving 20 minutes.
  • Work in a high paced environment (either at a computer, running from office to office, driving to varied clients, etc..)
  • Lunch for maybe an hour (drive to destination and spend money, or stay in work environment with something you made)
  • Back to work for 4 hours or so…
  • Leave work at 4:30pm just in time for that 20 minute morning drive…only it’s 35 minutes now with traffic.
  • Arrive at the gym a little after 5pm.
  • Train hard for an hour or more, then back home.
  • Make dinner from 6:15pm-6:45 and then eat most of it (save a bit for tomorrows lunch)
  • Shower and ready for bed by 8pm with just enough time to lay in bed, watching TV, and some online time to answer more personal e-mails, balance budget, etc… (Maybe iron your next day’s clothes?)
  • 9:30-10pm Fall asleep

The point I’m trying to make with this list (which isn’t too far from common) is that it’s a constant battle of us pursuing something. With a lifestyle such as this, sleep is probably not enough to keep our recovery consistent or optimal. When was the last time you actively rested from the outside world? Went on a hike without your phone? Got a massage? Something where we aren’t influenced or stimulated by electronics or our involvement with other people, but more a chance to be 100% aware that we are recovering and allowing our body to relax… Along with ideas mentioned above there is meditation, cooking a meal for yourself, etc.. (Breaking Muscle just posted this article YESTERDAY! Great minds and all that :))


Strength: Back Squat
5-5-4-4-3-3 (Starting at 70%)


Strength Series: 3 Rounds (1 Minute Rest b/w Pieces)

A1) Good Mornings x 10-12 (20-30% Back Squat)
A2) Front Rack Step Up x 16 (8 ea. Leg)
A3) Standing Broad Jump x 3


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CrossFit: June 24, 2015

We have reached mid-week and if you are looking for a little bit of inspiration to push through to the weekend, look no further. CrossFit is known as the “Community of Fitness” and it continually makes an amazing example of how that community knows no bounds. Adaptive Athletes is a term used for individual who have to overcome a certain physical limitation to continue their athletic pursuits. CF HQ sponsors an event known as Operation Surf where adaptive athletes are brought to California and taught how to surf on the ocean waves. No matter what their limitations may have been, out on the waves these amazing athletes show that they won’t let anyone tell them what they can’t do.



WOD: Alternating EMOM x 24 Minutes

1) Snatch Grip DL (90% Max Sn)
2) 200m Run
3) ME UB Toes to Bar

Barbell Club: June 24, 2015

Let’s do a bit of movement analysis…. The following video is from MuscleDriver USA, one of the few companies in the country that completely sponsors professional Olympic Weightlifters. They do amazing video analysis demonstrating proper bar path, back angles, hip position, points of contact, and areas of difference in the pull. Take a look and hopefully you can have a deeper understanding of the physics and path the bar needs for optimal torque and velocity.

Training 6/24/2015:

A) Power Clean (2) + Halt Full Clean

B) Snatch Pull Complex: Sn Pull + Low Hang Pull (2)
– If you did CrossFit class today, this will be substituted with Snatch Balance 5×3

C) Press Complex: 3 Push Press + Pause Power Jerk

CrossFit: June 23, 2015

Technique Tuesday…..will be taking a back seat this week. I know we’re all disappointed, but I feel something should be discussed prior to another technical skill builder…


Over the past few weeks, I’ve had to unpack quite a few boxes. Everything from my experiences as a coach but one thing that stood out to me was how many notebooks I had completely filled with training I had done for years. I could tell you what my rep maxes, maxes, complexes, benchmark WOD’s, etc… all were for the past few years if I were willing to sift through all the papers. How many of you have an accurate way of tracking and logging your workouts? Not just your strength numbers or Benchmark WOD’s, but also scales you have used to progress yourself from maybe ring rows to banded pull-ups?

Knowing where we’ve been, where we have maintained, and where we’ve grown is pretty critical as we come into the gym each and every day. Just think….

  • Back Squat Day starting at 70%
  • You “think” your 1-Rep max is around 300; it’s actually 315lbs.
  • The programming for the day is 5×5 at 70-75%
  • 300lbs x .7 OR .75 = 210-225 x 25 Reps = 5250-5625lbs of Weight Moved….
  • 315lbs x .7 OR .75= 220.5-236.25 x 25 Reps= 5512.5-5906.25lbs of Weight Moved…

So by KNOWING your true 1-Rep max, you get around 300lbs of extra weight moved over the 25 reps…Get the picture?

Be sure to have a solid means of logging and tracking. It could be the one thing holding you back from progressing where you’d like to most.

Strength: Strict Pull-Ups
Rx= Build to 5-Rep Max Wtd. Pull-Up
Scale 1= 5 x ME Strict Pull-Ups
Scale 2= 5 x ME Strict Banded Pull-Ups (2211)

WOD: EMOM x 12 Minutes
3 Power Cleans
15m Shuttle Run

-Weight is up to the athlete and cannot be changed. Pick a weight that is challenging for 3 Touch-N-Go Power Cleans.