CrossFit: September 30, 2015

Let’s work on some pull-ups! Check out the following links for some helpful cues before attending class today.

Skill Development: Kipping Pull-Up

WOD: Death By….

On the start of the clock, 1 burpee will be performed in the first minute. On the 2nd minute, 2 burpee’s. On the 3rd minute, 3 burpee’s. This continues until the athlete cannot complete the Rx’d number of burpee’s within the allotted minute.

CrossFit: September 28, 2015

We would like to wish a VERY Happy Birthday to our very own Vanessa Rodriguez (Aka. Pterodactyl Gainz)! She is always willing to support, lend a hand, and be a great ambassador to our community and we’re extremely proud of her!

Coaches Note: Make sure you roll out tonight/tomorrow before classes. “Fran” is known to leave you pretty sore!

Strength: 3 Rounds
A1) Wtd. Dip x 8 Reps
A2) Bent-Over Row x 8 Reps (DB’s)
A3) MB Slams x 10
-Rest 30s b/w each.

WOD: For Time
-500m Row

CrossFit: September 24, 2015

First, let me say how proud I am of every athlete thus far…It’s been truly amazing to see the energy and attitude you all have maintained.

As for today (Thursday) it will serve as a recovery and mobility day to help us continue our trend of leaving the gym healthy. You’ll get plenty of movement and sweat I guarantee but I want to prepare our bodies for the final test of the wee on Friday.

I hope regardless of it being a recovery focused day we have just as great of attendance as we’ve had this week!

See you tomorrow,

Coach Nate

CrossFit: September 23, 2015

The CrossFit Total is here to see how our strength has grown! Check out this article by Mark Rippetoe describing the benefits of the total and what it means to athletes!

WOD: CrossFit Total
-3 Attempts once warmed up at each lift. Thats it!

Back Squat

Have you heard about our new Foundations Structure? Head over to the website through this link and check out how we can bring your friends and family into our community!

CrossFit: September 22, 2015 (Test Week Continues)

Bobby Impson
Have you had a chance to meet Coach Bobby? Not only is he a newly certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, he is also signed up to take his CrossFit Level 1 in later October! We’re definitely excited and anxious to get him involved with all the athletes and add his knowledge to our growth and programming.

Skills: Running Drills

WOD: 1-Mile Run

A1) Goblet Squat and Hold x 30s (Upright Torso)
A2) Broad Jump x 5 Reps
3 Rounds

3 Rounds; Not for time or Load. Get ready for tomorrow!