CrossFit: December 30, 2015

Next week marks the New Year AND Test Week! Not all workouts will be testers, but keep your eyes open in the WOD Posts!

Strength: 4 Rounds; 60s Rest Between Stations

A1) Front Rack Lunges x 12 Steps (Scale= Goblet Carry OR DB’s)
A2) RDL x 8  (3s Eccentric and Pause at Bottom; Keep Hamstrings Loaded)

WOD: 12 Minute AMRAP

250m Row
12 Wall-Balls (20/14)
24 Double Unders (Scale: 48 Single Skips)

CrossFit: December 29, 2015

2015 is Coming to a Close. What were your favorite moments? Things you would change? Goals for 2016? Be sure to leave a comment on our FB Page to help keep the coaches informed on what you want to Achieve in 2016!

Skill: Handstands + Handstand Push-Ups

Strength/Skill: Alternating EMOM x 12 Minutes
Odd: 12 Shoulder Touches OR 6 HS Leg Raises
Even: 2 Wall Walks

WOD: 4 Rounds
30s Pull-Ups (Strict OR Banded)
30s Rest
30s DB Bench Press (1/2 BW, 1/3 BW
30s Rest

CrossFit: December 23, 2015

“Its over….it’s done!”

Pre-WOD Mobility Series:
-Accumulate 3 Minutes Paleo Chair
-Accumulate 2 Minutes GSIW (Greatest Stretch in the World aka. Deep Lunge)
-Banded Lateral Opener 1 Minute each Arm.
-Foam Roll T-Spine x 2 Minutes

Strength: 4 Rounds
A1) Wtd. Step Ups x 8 ea.
A2) Single Leg RDL x 8 ea.
-Rest 60s Between Each

B1) Single Arm DB Press x 8 ea.
B2) Ring Rows w/ Pause at Top x 10
-Rest 60s Between Each.

C) Accumulate 3 Minutes FLR (Plank)

CrossFit: December 22, 2015 “12 Days of Christmas”


Well, unfortunately I (Coach Nate) will be traveling so today will be my last day to spend with all of you…BUT, we shall celebrate the holiday none the less…. 🙂
-Coach Nate

WOD: “12 Days of Christmas”

  • For Time:
  • 1 Snatch (115/85)
    2 Clean and Jerk (115/85 lbs)
    3 Muscle Ups (Ring Dip sub OR Push-Ups)
    4 Thrusters (115/85)
    5 Lateral Burpees
    6 HSPU (Sub: DB Z-Press)
    7 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups (Sub: Kipping or Banded)
    8 Wallball (20/14)
    9 KBS (2pd/1.5pd)
    10 Toes to Bar
    11 Shoulder to Overhead (115/85 lbs)
    12 Deadlifts (205/135 – add the weight on for last thing)

aka: “12 Days of CrossFit,” like the song the “12 Days of Christmas,” complete each exercise in ascending order then work back down to 1, adding one exercise per round. Like this: 1; 2-1; 3-2-1; 4-3-2-1; etc – for a total of 364 reps.

Barbell Club: December 21, 2015

It was pretty amazing to see some of these athletes in action. Watch their consistency and even though some lifts look rough, they continue to heavier weight. 

A) Sn. Pull + Power Snatch + OHS w/ Hold
6-8 Working Sets above 70%

B) Clean Pull 5×3 (75-85% Clean)

C) 3RM Push Press; Then 3×5 at 85%

D) Wtd. Sit-Ups x 45 Rep Accumulate
-Every 9 Reps, Perform 6 Single-Leg Glut Bridges


*Reminder: There will be NO BARBELL CLUB this Wednesday at 6:30pm. Plan accordingly and enjoy your holiday!