The Attitude Nation Weightlifting Seminar at FAST April 23rd!

We are very excited to announce that FAST will be hosting Jon and Jessica North of The Attitude Nation Weightlifting and the American Weightlifting Federation on Saturday, April 23rd. Jon has been involved in competitive weightlifting as an athlete for 9 years and in the past few years has become very involved in coaching and instructing. Jon and Jess have worked with coaches such as Glenn Pendlay and Dave Spitz among with many others to create what he considers a “melting pot” of technical work so everyone finds a way to lift that works for them.

We really hope to have a packed house for this seminar so everyone can learn from a very successful athlete, have fun while doing so, and bringing an atmosphere that breeds PR lifts!

Date: April 23rd

Time: 9am-6pm (1 Hour Lunch Break)

Cost: $200

Registration Site: The Attitude Nation!