2016 CrossFit Open at FAST FAQ


Below you’ll find a list of FAQ’s to help you understand how the Open Process is going to take place at FAST. If you have any questions, please e-mail Coach Nate (natebacott@gmail.com).


How do I sign up?

-All you need to do is click the “Register” link and you are on your way! The cost is only $20 and we will have a FAST Custom Leaderboard to see how you are doing competing against other athletes in the community.

When will I be able to do the Open Workouts?

-The workouts will be announced each Thursday. Each CrossFit class the next day (Friday) will be devoted to the Open Workout of the week. Beyond that, you will have to work with a judge, coach, or come in during Open Gym to complete the workout and be able to submit a score. Our advice is PLAN AHEAD!

Who will be able to judge my workouts (Rx atheltes)?

-We are so glad you asked….other than Coach Nate and Kent, the judges CAN BE YOU! We are asking that any athlete who is participating in the Open and wants to lend a hand to take the Judges certification course. Not only is a great chance to learn more about CrossFit movements and standards, you would be doing us a huge favor by giving us another resource to help judge athletes in need!

Note: Scaled athletes (Those scaling the workouts outside of the Rx standards set by CrossFit.com) do not HAVE to have a judge, however we recommend having one. Not just to hold you accountable, but to encourage you and remind you to push yourself. Scale doesn’t matter, we’re all in this to push our limits and have fun!

Where can I see my scores?

– Not only will you be able to see your place in the region,state, country, AND the world through your CrossFit Games profile…we will have a custom FAST/CrossFit Leaderboard with all of our athletes in the box. This isn’t just a chance to compete, but congratulate your fellow community athletes on their pursuits.