Performance Classes, Weekly Update; September 11th

Hi all, this week in adult performance we’ll put a special emphasis on core control. You may be familiar with the dreaded pvc pipe on the back during a plank, or the cone of shame constantly falling while you bear crawl.

I’m happy to say they’ll both be in use this week. We use these tools to teach control of the hips and rib cage. Expect to see exercises like ring planks, TGU’s, crawling, rollouts, deadbugs and more. When coached well, exercises like this train our core to stabilize the spine and maintain alignment between the pelvis and rib cage.

Building competence in this area will help you keep that cone on your back. It will help you stay safe when lifting heavy and it can even help you during that killer AMRAP by teaching you to breathe more efficiently.

Ribs down, abs on. See ya’ll soon.