Adult Performance

What Is Adult Performance?

The Adult Performance Program has consistently delivered the results our clients seek. The Adult Performance training program encompasses time-tested methods and techniques that produce exceptional results time after time. It’s our primary goal to help you look, feel and move better. Specifically, the Adult Performance training program at FAST was built to improve your endurance, flexibility, agility, balance, body composition and strength all in a fun, challenging and competitive environment.

Not Your Typical Workout, Not Your Typical Results. Show up prepared to do a little bit of everything on a weekly basis – you’ll be lifting kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, and your own body to develop your muscular strength and you’ll be pushing your endurance and perseverance to the limit using rowers, ropes, sleds and any other implements we have at our disposal.

How Is This Different Than CrossFit? There will be no Olympic lifting (cleans, jerks and snatches) and limited gymnastics (muscle ups, kipping pull ups, handstansd, etc).

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