Barbell Strength: August 1st, 2016


A) Snatch Balance w/ Pause + OHS (2)
Build to 75% Max Snatch

B) Front Squat:   3 at 70%, 3 at 80%, ME at 90%

C) Pause Snatch Pull + Power Snatch
Build to 1RM; then 3×1 at 85%

D) 150y Lunges w/ MB


Pre-WOD: OH Squat Mobility

A) Overhead Squat: 3-3-3-3-3

B) Front Squat (3s Eccentric, 2s Pause)
5-5-5-5-5 (Try to build up to more than last week)

C) Snatch Grip Deadlift (2) + High Hang Power Snatch
6 Working Sets; Rest 90-120s b/w Sets

D) 100y Lunge w/ MB

Barbell Strength: July 25th, 2016


A) Snatch Balance 5×3 (80%>)

B) Front Squat:
5 at 65%, 5 at 75%, ME at 85%

C) 3-Position Snatch
6 Working Sets (70%<)

D) Lunge x 150y


A) Sn. Grip Push Press (3) + OHS (3)
5 Working Sets

B) Front Squat w/ Pause in Bottom
5×5 Building Sets

C) Modified 3-Position Power Snatch (Pocket, High Hang, Low Hang)
5 Working Sets

D) Lunge x 100y + 2 Minute Plank

Barbell Strength: July 19th, 2016


A) 2s Pause Front Squat w/ Belt

B) EMOM x 8 Minutes = 1 Low Hang Clean (Starting at 70%)

C) EMOM x 8 Minutes = 1 Power Jerk (Starting at 70%)

D1) Single Leg RDL x 8 ea.
D2) Glute Bridge x 8 total.
3 Rounds; 60s Rests


A) Front Squat (to low box) 4×6

B) Hi-Hang Power Clean

C) DB Push Press x 8 + OH Walk x 25y
4 Rounds

D) Lunge 100y

Barbell Strength: July 18th, 2016


A) Snatch Grip Thruster + OHS; Build to 80% Snatch Max

B) 2s Pause Front Squat 1RM; then 2×3 at 85% No Pause

C) Pause Snatch 1RM; then 2×2 Snatch Full (No Pause)

D) 150y Lunge


A) DB Thruster
-EMOM x 8 Minutes = 5 Reps (You may change weights after each successful round)

B) Pocket Power Snatch (2) + OHS (2) x 6 sets
-If OHS cannot be attained due to MOB, perform OHS portion with a PVC Pipe to a Box.

C1) 30s Jump Rope/Double Under Practice
C2) Box Jump w/ Step Down x 3
5 Rounds; 30s Rests