Barbell Strength: June 14th, 2016


A) Pause Back Squat 1RM; then 3×3 at 85% No Pause

B) 5RM Push Press; then 2×5 at 90%

C) Clean Pull 3×3 at 90%+

D1) Powell Raises x 8 ea. Arm
D2) Wtd. Sit-Ups x 12
4 Rounds; 60s Rests


A) Back Squat
6×4 (Try to build to heavier than last week)

B) DB Push-Press 4×6

C) Clean Grip Deadlift (Pause at Knee)

D1) Powell Raises x 8 ea.
D2) Sit-Ups x 12-15
4 Rounds; 60s Rests

Barbell Strength: June 13th, 2016

A) OHS w/ Pause; Build to 80% Snatch Max

B) Pause Front Squat 1RM w/o Belt; Then 3×3 at 90% No Pause

C) 12 Minute EMOM
-1 Pause Snatch (At Knee; Start at 70% and Build)

D) Split Jerk

E) Lunge x 150y


A) Overhead Squat
5×3 w/ Pause in Bottom of Each (Use box to Scale)

B) EMOM x 10 Minutes
-High Hang Power Snatch (2)

C) Split Press
6×4 ea. Leg

D) Lunge x 100y

Barbell Strength: June 6th, 2016


A) Sn. Grip Push Press + OHS w/ Hold; Build to 78% Snatch Max

B) Front Squat 1RM w/ Pause; then 2×3 at 85%

C) EMOM x 10 Minutes
-1 Pause Snatch Below the Knee starting at 70%, No Misses

D) Walking Lunge x 100m w/ Farmer Carry


A) Sn. Grip Push Press (2) + Sotts Press (3); 5 Sets

B) Front Squat w/ Pause x 4; 6 Sets

C) High Hang Power Snatch + OHS
E90s x 12 Minutes

D) Walking Lunge x 100m