With having FAST, Fitness and Sports Training, CrossFit LTP, and Denver BodPod at the same facility we can offer a unique and complete wellness and education program for your employees.

If your company is interested in a wellness program for your employees that include health, fitness, feeling better, performing better, better food choices, and being empowered with the knowledge and newfound abilities to take charge of your life, then you have one simple choice, and that is FAST.

You have the opportunity to do something amazing for your company and its employees. You have the ability to affect a positive change.

Option A – Onsite Health and Wellness seminar – Free.

We’re committed to making Arvada healthier. This 60-minute seminar will teach your staff what REALLY works for weight loss, strength training, beating fatigue and ditching postural pain. A Q+A period will follow.

Option B – Onsite Nutrition and Exercise Challenge – $30 per person.

Optional Bod Pod Testing(Body composition pre & post testing) – $60/person

Unifying your team in pursuit of a common goal is our specialty. This package includes a free seminar to introduce our eating strategy, free daily nutrition and workout tracking. The winner will receive a free Foundations package at FAST ($99 value!)

Option C – Private Group Training – Call For Pricing

The real magic is in guided challenges: obstacle courses, calisthenics, beginner-level CrossFit challenges, and nutritional support. One to three times per week, your group attends a private class at FAST/Crossfit LTP; receives a nutrition guide, and weekly exercise ‘homework’ challenges; and interacts with their coach through email.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? CALL US! And we’ll work with you to put together a program tailored for your business.

Interested in having us explain/demo CrossFit with your group or business? Call us and we’ll set up a time for your group/business to come in. We’ll explain CrossFit and why it’s different, talk about nutrition, and let you all experience a taste of CrossFit. And it’s FREE! Call 303-523-5645 to set up a time for your organization or business!