“…Did a great job in helping me understand the movements and how to adjust for my needs as a beginner….Very corteous, professional, and encouraging.”-Monica (Graduated Foundations 7.30.15)

NEW 2-Day Athlete Assessment and 1-on-1 Foundations! We want to ensure all the foundations are covered for you to feel comfortable entering our regularly scheduled classes. With our new Athlete Assessment, all new members will go through our Athlete Intake Process.  You will have 4 1-on-1 training sessions with your coach. These sessions are catered to help you learn and progress as athlete either into our group classes or to continue with personal programming from your coach. Cost: $200,  Add a friend +$100

Free Class (Saturday Mornings at 9:00am and starting August 2nd we’ll have a 6:30pm Free Class Every Tuesday evening): Wanting to try without committing to a membership? No problem! These Free Classes are designed to cover a few foundational movements and workouts to show you just how amazing our community driven classes can be. All you need to do is show up!

Barbell Strength for Beginners (Monday-Thursday at 6:30pm)Our latest class addition of Barbell Strength has given us a great opportunity for beginners! Join us Monday-Thursday nights at 6:30pm and learn all the fundamentals necessary to excel in our classes! From body mechanics, strength and barbell movements, agility and conditioning. We cover all the bases for beginners to set you up for success!

Keys To Success Show up early. Work hard. Ask lots of questions. Support others. Destroy your self-limiting beliefs.

Pre-Requisites. None.

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