Step One: Reach Out and Schedule a Free Session with One of Our Coaches!

Give us a call(or email) and we will set you up with a free personalized session with one of our coaches.

– Seasoned Gym Rat or CrossFit Athlete? We’ll put you through a session to get to know you, your goals and test your skills. Once you pass we’ll set you up with a free week to try out any of our classes.

– New to CrossFit or working out in general? Your free session is a great time for us to assess you abilities, talk about your goals and create a game plane to reach your fitness goals. For some that means jumping right in to class for others that might mean a personalized Foundations Program with your coach.

Step Two: Join the Group.

Upon completion of Step One, you will have the option to join any of our group training classes or schedule 1-on-1 coaching. Please note that our Foundations program is intended as an introductory program but can be used as a stand alone training program for those who would like more instruction.

Step Three: Pat Yourself On The Back.

The fact that you’ve landed on this page means you’re ready to make a change for the better in your life – whether it be to lose that extra weight, change your eating habits permanently, find the motivation to train regularly, or improve your strength and flexibility. Or maybe you just love working out and are interested in this CrossFit thing. Either way, welcome to the best decision you’ve made for  your health and fitness in years.

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