Training at FAST is a mixture of time-tested methods and unconventional techniques that produce exceptional results time after time, in the smartest, safest and fastest way possible.

It’s our primary goal to help you look, feel and move better. To accomplish this, our training programs emphasize quality of movement over quantity of movement, mental toughness, long-term planning in favor of quick fixes/gimmicks, and accountability.

Specifically, the programs at FAST were built to work synergistically to improve your muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, body composition, reactivity, power, explosiveness, core strength, stability, resiliency, competitive drive and most importantly mental toughness.

Here is a breakdown of the Philosophies behind each program offered at FAST:

  • Adult Performance:
    • Our Adult Performance is Boot-Camp and HIIT Training but even better! We combine all sorts of variance from TRX Training to Strength Training. From start to finish of each class, you will be moving and working towards a higher level of fitness.
  • CrossFit:
    • Our CrossFit program focuses on overall General Physical Preparedness (GPP) with short emphasis periods of growth based on the goals of our athletes. We combine weightlifting, endurance training, and bodyweight gymnastics to give you a truly balanced program.
  • Barbell:
    • Focused on the barbell movements. This will include  Powerlifting and Olympic lifting variations with intent to  build strength and proficiency.
  • Strength:
    • A structured strength training program built to improve an individuals overall strength and increase muscle mass. 6-8 week cycles with varying focus and program design.
  • Foundations: